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Micro Learning Centre for Open Distance Learning was established at co-operative Training Institute, APCOB in collaboration with COL to enable the Co-operative function at farming community to have a means to become competent by learning conducive & efficient methods to increase agriculture produce in activities related to agriculture & allied sectors.

The key intent of MLC is to expand the reach quality & usefulness of information on various credit products, schemes of State & Central Government, latest technologies in agriculture etc., through ICT.


Open and Distance Learning

Open and Distance Learning (ODL) system is a system wherein learners need not necessarily be present either at same place or same time and is flexible in regard to modalities and timing of teaching and learning as also the admission criteria without compromising necessary quality considerations. This is becoming more and more significant for continuing education, skill updation of in service personnel and for quality education of relevance to learners located at educationally disadvantageous locations. It is type of education with which is given through different information and communication technologies. This education gives an opportunity to openness, and it supports learning at a distance. Any learning activities within formal, informal, and non-formal domains that are facilitated by information and communication technologies to lessen distance, both physically and psychologically, and to increase interactivity and communication among learners, learning sources, and facilitators.

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MLC Head : 9490116325

Nodal Officer: 9948269333

MLC Section: 9390734358

MLC Manager: 9493728400

MLC Staff Assistant: 8500138689